Helen started writing for fun as a little girl, but discovered the power of publishing in the 1990’s.

Helen McKay is an experienced author, accredited public speaker, trainer, facilitator and storyteller.

Former Art teacher, and more recently, Founder, and Life Member of the Australian Storytelling Guild (NSW) Inc, Helen is the author of “Links to your Happiness”, “Gadi Mirrabooka”, and co-author with Berice Dudley, of “About Storytelling” and “Riotous Riddles”.

In 1981, Helen moved to Australia, became an Australian citizen, and settled in Sydney, where she won many prizes and admirers, with her uniquely derivative landscape pottery. Injuries, from a serious motor accident, resulted in Helen discontinuing her art pottery interest for many years.

Since then, Helen’s worked hard to promote communication and oral storytelling – an art form, she believes, is an important life skill – and at promoting Happiness: an essential contributor to one’s well-being. She teaches techniques, to assist communicators develop these important life skills.

Having triumphed over adversity, on numerous occasions during her life, she believes that many unhappy people are negatively focussed on past problems and unpleasant experiences. Helen offers a simple, proven strategy, to help people discover a happier, more positive existence. She is convinced that recording daily, the simple things that make you happy, in a small textured Happy book; changes your focus from negativity, to a more positive, happier attitude that affects every aspect of your life.

Helen has a special interest in helping people – especially children – to access the keys to their happiness. Using story – a valuable resource that can entertain, extend teaching options and teach values – without confronting listeners – she offers examples of a simple strategy, to help them develop a positive approach to living.

Many years ago, Helen produced some very creative pottery, which ceased, due to injuries received in an MVA. Twenty or more years have elapsed and this winter, she started to produce a little more of her hand built work. Helen looks forward to sharing some of it with you, as images of her pots come to hand. She still cannot sit, working, for long at a time, but she is enjoying using her creative energy again in this way.

Helen can again add Studio Potter, to her list of interesting occupations and looks forward to exhibiting some of her work in local Galleries.

So… Let your creative energy flow, once more. Start the Happy Book program and develop a happier and more positive focus for your future.

Be Happy!