A Strategy promoting a Positive Focus and Happier life
Links to Your Happiness”, a simple strategy to identify what makes you happy.

In Links to Your Happiness, Helen suggests a strategy for a more enjoyable existence.

By following her suggestions, it’s possible to refocus, become more confident and lead a happier, healthier life.

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Wrapped around some personal stories, Helen examines happiness – and its antithesis – unhappiness.

Helen feels: “We need to find a means to get off the treadmill of unhappiness and dissatisfaction, currently plaguing our communities. By focusing on past hurts, people become trapped in a time warp: chronically fixated on all the problems, unhappy experiences and traumas that prevent them from moving ahead.”

“To become happier, they need to refocus: to appreciate the many good things that are happening right in the present and develop a positive attitude.”

Helen and her associate’s families have used the Happy Book strategy for many years. It has helped develop positive attitudes: making lives happier, despite all the challenging life situations we face.

Some excerpts from Helen and her friend, Berice’s, collection of Happy Books, with which readers can identify, include:

Seeing beautiful blue butterflies flitting around the garden, so carefree
Finishing the chores and seeing the house looking sparkling clean
Listening to the evening songs of birds, as dusk approaches
A fleet of little white yachts drifting round the lake on a clear day

Readers are encouraged to identify and record, daily happy experiences that bring us joy. Read back through their Happy Book’s pages when “blue days” occur and choose something happy to do.

Helen McKay is a former art teacher, storyteller and speaker. She has a special interest in helping people of all ages – especially children – to access the links to their happiness. Using story, she offers a simple strategy to develop a positive approach to life.

Links to Your Happiness ISBN: 978-1-921124-31-0

Links to your happiness