Riddle book for everyone: Australian and New Zealand kids, English kids, American kids, young and not so young people. 501 riotous riddles and some clever illustrations by Max Mannix

What do blind dinosaurs, witches, frogs with hiccoughs, Santa Claus, the moon and Ned Kelly have in common?

They all have riddles about them! Chortle over Animal Antics, Nautical Nonsense, Humbugs and Bedbugs, Keys and Coffins. Tease your brain with witty word puzzles.

Find out how many chickens you can fit in an empty box, why Dracula was hanging around computers and what the elephant said to the naked man.

Roll around laughing as you ask your friends any of these hilarious riddles.

Published by Hale and Iremonger, Sydney, Australia – ISBN 0-86806-664-8

Riotous Riddles