“ONCE UPON A TIME” is still one of the most guaranteed attention-getting phrases in our language.

Storytelling is as old as language. It crosses all boundaries of time, age and culture.

Stories inspire, instruct, and – above all – entertain. Increasingly, stories are being used by management for strategic planning, and by therapists, to help find resolutions to conflicts.

Lawyers use story, when defending clients in court cases and Doctors use story, to explain symptoms to patients. The use of story is universal.

About Storytelling is a very useful and instructive handbook.

This book, About Storytelling is full of helpful, practical advice for story tellers and story readers, speakers, communicators, parents, grand-parents, librarians, therapists, teachers, communication students: anybody with a good story to tell.

As well as storytelling, it offers advice on Story-reading to children – for teachers, librarians and parents. It discusses the use of powerful words, to create fascinating stories to hold the interest of audiences.

Story as therapy: examining the potential for story to heal, calm and rejuvenate, is discussed in one chapter. A chapter on the ‘tools’ of storytelling: words, voice, eye contact and body language, offer good practical advice. The use of props, costumes and various other storytelling aids, like puppets, feature in a chapter in the book.

About Storytelling is a recommended reading text for Education faculty students, in TAFE Colleges, and Universities in Australia. The book is practical, instructive and covers a wide range of topics.

Sadly, the first edition has sold out. (It may now be a collector’s item).
The second edition has some minor revision and a more appropriate or formal style of ‘text book’ cover.
It advises you how to:

begin and develop stories whether told or read
relate to an audience
create the best dramatic effect
deliver a memorable performance

Whether you’re a writer, teacher, yarn-spinner, librarian, after-dinner speaker, therapist, corporate trainer, tour-guide: or anyone involved in communication,
About Storytelling is the essential reference.

To Order: www.aboutstorytelling.com

Second edition available. (First edition sold out)

About storytelling