Feedback – About Storytelling

’About storytelling’ was the first book I’d read about storytelling, and it gave me the courage – and the know-how – to give storytelling a go. So thank you very much for enriching my life! — Lindy Mitchell, Central Coast, NSW

“I have two of your books, which I find very helpful.” – Liz W, (Ireland), at the Australian National Storytelling Confest, Brisbane.

“I’ve read your book in our library but would love to have one for my personal use.” ― Louise J, Avondale College

“Here is a very informative, useful book for all teachers, teacher-librarians and all who are interested in the art and the rich enjoyment to be found in storytelling.” — Peg C, Education Consultant

“About Storytelling’ is a practical guide; teachers can adopt, to enhance their own storytelling techniques as well as to encourage this skill in their pupils.” ― Melanie W, NZ Education Review

“About Storytelling is a useful, information accessible introduction to, How do I tell stories, where do I begin?” — Diane Wolkstein, Master Storyteller, New York. Author – ‘Magic Orange Tree’ and ‘Esther’s Story’.

“At last! In language all of us can understand, a complete publication on the art of storytelling is now available. If you are interested in storytelling – for both children and adults – this book is a must.” — Mary L, Author. Sydney

“It is wonderful! I’ve only had time to briefly read it; but I’ve already found much valuable information.” — Michael Paul Gallo, Early Childhood Education, Moorhead State University, MN, USA

“It’s a good book! I’m taking two back with me to the UK as presents for my friends.” — Patrick Ryan, Storyteller, London