• “Thank you for a most innovative session. Without this storytelling technique, I could never have written the story, as I did today”. Roger – Maitland-Newcastle Diocese Catholic Teachers’ Conference.
  • “Thank you for giving us techniques, we can take back and use in the classroom”. Jan.- Teachers’ Conference, Maitland-Newcastle Catholic Diocese.
  • “Thank you for a most interesting and enjoyable workshop. Our members all went away tired, but inspired to work hard and apply their new-found skills to their storytelling” — Raylee W, Great Lakes FAW
  • “The advice you gave on how to craft and tell a story was right to the point and very well received. So many of us would like to be able to do this, but, until now, did not know where to start.” — Roger S, St John’s Anglican Church, Dee Why


  • “Your storytelling and puppets were a delight. We would like you both to come again and tell us more about your work.” — Jean C, Golden A’s, Chatswood.
  • “We were really interested in the stories you told us (I didn’t know how the turtle got its shell) Hope you will come to our class again. You told really good stories.” — Sarah B, Bayview School, Glenfield, Auckland, NZ
  • “Thank you for sharing your stories with our children. You are both obviously doing an inspiring job, promoting storytelling — something which should be a living art.” — Jane E, Mellons Bay School, Auckland, NZ

About Storytelling – The book

  • “I have two of your books, which I find very helpful.” – Liz W, (Ireland) at the Australian National Storytelling Confest, Brisbane.
  • “I’ve read your book in our library but would love to have one for my personal use.” Louise J, Avondale College
  • “Here is a very informative, useful book for all teachers, teacher-librarians and all who are interested in the art and the rich enjoyment to be found in storytelling.” — Peg C, Education Consultant
  • “About Storytelling’ is a practical guide; teachers can adopt, to enhance their own storytelling techniques as well as to encourage this skill in their pupils.” Melanie W, NZ Education Review
  • “About Storytelling is a useful, information accessible introduction to, How do I tell stories, where do I begin?” —Diane Wolkstein, Master Storyteller, New York, Author – ‘Magic Orange Tree’ and ‘Esther’s Story’.
  • “At last! In language all of us can understand, a complete publication on the art of storytelling is now available. If you are interested in storytelling for both children and adults, this book is a must.” — Mary L, Author. Sydney
  • “It is wonderful! I’ve only had time to briefly read it; but I’ve already found much valuable information.” — Michael Paul Gallo, Early Childhood Education, Moorhead State University, MN, USA
  • “It’s a good book! I’m taking two back with me to the UK as presents for my friends.” — Patrick Ryan, Storyteller, London

Riotous Riddles – the book

“The book arrived yesterday and I have already used it to keep the after school care kids entertained, this arvo! Thanks” — Libby Brown

” Oh, I’m delighted with it, I’m sure the children will love it!” — Aoife Geary, Ireland

“You were right about the back seat brawlers- we never had to referee this trip. The kids were in stitches for hours with the riddles!” — Nan Harvey

Links to Your Happiness

Love the daisy chain on the cover – invokes memories of happy days…carefree days .. In fact I have a friend who probably needs to read such a book right now so I am sending the link to him. J.B. Melbourne, VIC

“I am on my way to happiness Helen. You have given me inspiration and I am going to tidy up here do my garden and get on with it”. — Dawn Tubby, Wellington, NZ

“Good on you Helen..I have read what you sent and feel happier already”. — Jill Mather, Author, Playwright, Wyong NSW.

“I love the feeling of warmth this book gives and the accessible language used.” — Geraldine Turner, Warners Bay, NSW

“I must say your letter and the chapter from your book was an inspiration to me. When I saw how busy you were, in spite of the discomfort you were suffering – you didn’t let anything stop you – I made the resolution this year that I would offload a lot of dead wood. So, I am getting on with my life. Of course, I have my down moments, but I just get on with things now. My little happy book is a great inspiration – there were so many things I had forgotten that were important to me.” Brenda, Australia

“Your little book will be great for those who need a reminder that life is what you make it.” — Jill Mather, Wyong, NSW

“I just finished reading your beautiful manuscript! Loved the illustrations and the front cover! Very inspiring and uplifting! So much wisdom packed into a small space and expressed, so simply, it is accessible to everyone. I can see how much your life experiences and challenges have inspired you karmically, to articulate the importance of positive thinking, no matter what hand life deals us. I look forward to having a copy of the book when it’s published. I’m sure it will be a runaway best seller. Thanks for sharing it with me.”— Anne Robertson, Coogee, NSW, Australia.

“It’s me that has the problem with depression – it scares me to see my partner in so much pain and I am scared in case I lose him, so what you suggested about the Happy Book will hopefully help both of us. It was wonderful to hear from someone so positive”. – Alex Basson, UK.