Feedback: Links to Your Happiness

“Good on you Helen – have read through it and feel happier already. Not that I am ever really sad… I don’t have time for that.” – Jill Mather, Wyong, NSW

“I am on my way to happiness Helen! You have given me inspiration and I am going to tidy up here, do my garden and get on with it”. ― Dawn Tubby, Wellington, NZ

“I love the feeling of warmth this book gives and the accessible language used.” ― Geraldine Turner, Warners Bay, NSW

“Your little book will be great for those who need a reminder that life is what you make it.” ― Jill Mather, Wyong, NSW

“I just finished reading your beautiful book! Loved the illustrations and the front cover! Very inspiring and uplifting! So much wisdom packed into a small space and expressed so simply, so it is accessible to everyone.

I can see how much your life experiences and challenges have inspired you, karmically, to articulate the importance of positive thinking, no matter what hand life deals us. I look forward to having a copy of the book when it’s published. I’m sure it will be a runaway best seller. Thanks for sharing it with me”. ― Anne Robertson, Coogee, NSW, Australia.

“I must say your letter and the chapter from your book was an inspiration to me. When I saw how busy you were, in spite of the discomfort you were suffering – you didn’t let anything stop you – I made the resolution this year that I would offload a lot of dead wood. So, I am getting on with my life.
Of course, I have my down moments, but I just get on with things now. My little Happy Book is a great inspiration – there were so many things I had forgotten that were important to me.” ― Brenda, WA Australia

It was wonderful to hear from someone so positive. It’s me that has the problem with depression – it scares me to see my partner in so much pain and I am scared in case I lose him, because of his weight – so what you suggested about the Happy Book will hopefully help both of us. – Alex Basson, UK

“Your ‘Links to Happiness’ is great and I’m going to share it around”.
Mary Locke, NSW

“It’s just great that you are the type of person to make the most of every minute, Nana.” – Granddaughter, Giselle Baker, London, UK

“Helen, you will be pleased to know that the 14 year old boy, I mentor, is using your Happy Book, and really enjoying writing down what makes him happy each day. I can see definite improvements in his general attitude. So congratulations, once again, on “Links to your Happiness” – Sue Alvarez, Manly, NSW

“Go ahead and do what you have always done, and prove those doctors wrong. Keep seeing the beauty in life that you have always done and refuse to be affected by other people’s misery. Just listen to the first part of what your doctor, said: “Go and Live”; keep smiling and sharing and whatever you do, don’t stop wearing your bright and beautiful colours.” – Granddaughter, Penny Baker, Auckland New Zealand

From the September Book Launch in Sydney:
“It was lovely to see you in September and your book has provoked much thought and given me lots of help.” ― B… Penrith NSW

“I really enjoyed reading your Happiness Book. I wish I could visit you and see how you run your Happiness workshops. We have a General Election here (UK), in May and we could all do with a bit more happiness.”
Pam Houghton, Bolton UK

“Just a quick one to say I haven’t forgotten you and think of you daily. Thank you for your love and support through those dark times we’ve experienced. Thinking of you.” ― Jane Singleton, London, UK

“You are amazing, Helen! I think you are a GREAT poster gal for your
happiness book. If you can be happy, with all of your bodily afflictions… why others should be able to take your lead and jump onto the joyful living train too! ― Margie Mac, Des Moines, US